As of 1952, when it was set up, Formin SA has executed and commissioned a few thousands of deep and shallow water wells.

In the last years we built-up a solid reputation in supplying water by drilling and commissioning works at the extent of expectation of our clients. Using modern technologies and high quality materials we succeed to achieve reliable projects for water supplies.

Each water supply project is carried out depending on the specific requirements of each client, offering a complete service that covers all aspects, from hydrogeological survey, drilling works and equipment until maintenance and rehabilitation.

Underground water is an important source because, despite the surface water, the underground water is usually less or at all polluted and may be used with minimum measures or any processing at all. The underground water results from the direct infiltration of the atmospheric precipitations, from the infiltration of the surface water through the permeable banks of rivers and lakes, by water vapours condensing in the pores of the underground rocks.

After the method of tarrying and draining underground, the water-bearing beds or water courses, the exploitable underground water  may be:

● underground water courses in cracked rocks  or carst;

● shallow underground water layers (until about 40 m), tarried granular rocks, without being under direct  influence of the surface water from the vicinity or artificially supplied by surface waters;

● deep level underground water layers (over  40 m), tarried granular rocks, without being under direct  influence of the surface water;

● springs resulted from underground layers that come at the surface due to local  geomorphologic conditions


Public and industrial

  • public water supply systems
  • local industrial needs
  • fire fighting
  • irrigations in agriculture