Exploration and exploitation projects, in order to be successful, needs a large variety of resources, either logistical or under the shape of specialised services. The different stages of these projects, from prospecting and initial exploring until closing the final exploitation, need an impressive number  of surveys and methods of prospecting due to legal, social-environmental, economic or purely geological requirements.


Based on the permit of prospecting, in a determined perimeter the following may be made: assessment studies and pre-existing information interpretation and geological, geochemical, magnetometric, radiometric, electrometric, gravimetric, seismometric, remote sensing, drilling, surface excavations mapping,  laboratory determinations, preparing technological researches in laboratory phase and other works for setting out the general conditions favourable for mineral resources accumulation.

The holder of the prospecting permit who requests obtaining exploring license within the perimeter of prospecting benefits , on the occasion of the assessment of the offer, an additional  score representing 20% of the maximum score established for the proposed exploring programme.


Based on exploring license specific studies and works may be carried out, needed to identify the deposits of   mineral resourses/reserves, their quantity and quality assessment and for determining the technical and economic conditions of capitalization.

The purpose of exploring works is to substantiate the decision concerning the opportunity of capitalisation of the deposit, to provide the data needed to design and execute the opening, preparing and exploitation work, maintaining at the same time a degree of ensuring mineral resources/reserves appropriate to the exploitation.

The exploitation works include geochemical, geophysical works, geological mapping, light mining works, drilling, their appropriate documentation, technological studies and  researches in laboratory , pilot and half industrial phase as well as of experimental exploitation.


The holder of the exploring license issued by National Agency  for Mineral Resources has the right to obtain directly the exploitation license for any of the mineral resources discovered if it is requested in maximum 90 days as of sending to N.A.M.R. the final report of exploring accepted by this.

Based on the exploitation license works needed to accomplish mines and quarries may be performed: construction and reaction of installations, equipment and other specific utilities needed for the extraction, processing, transporting, provisional storage of mining products, gangue and residual products, surface and/or underground works for extraction of mineral resources/reserves, their processing and delivery  in specific shapes as well as research works for increasing the degree of knowledge of mineral reserves/resources.


  • Consulting and drawing up documentation for obtaining the Prospecting Permit
  • Prospecting projects to identify accumulations of solid mineral
  • Geological mapping
  • Detailed geological prospecting to assess all types of solid mineral resources potential.


  • Consulting and drawing up technical-economic documentation in order to obtain the Exploring License
  • Expertise of the mineral resources potential of certain non investigated areas or poorly investigated from geological viewpoint
  • Geological exploring works to highlight and evaluate the solid mineral substances with surface mining works, shallow, average and deep level drilling.
  • Experimental exploitations of identified resources
  • Physical-chemical analyses
  • Preliminary assessment of resources and reserves


  • Drawing up or expertise geological prospecting and exploring documentations
  • Carrying out geological syntheses of the previous geological documentations
  • Radiometry and spectrometry measurements
  • Feasibility studies, development plans of mining exploitation
  • Studies of environmental impact and plans of reduction the environmental impact
  • Plan on environment rehabilitation