In the last years we built-up a solid reputation in supplying water by drilling and commissioning works at the extent of expectation of our clients. Using modern technologies and high quality materials we succeed to achieve reliable projects for water supplies.



Our team consists of geologists and geotechnical experts with a vast experience in the field, prepared to meet the expectations of our clients. We have experience, determinations and technical knowledge needed to transform projects of any size in a success.



The different stages of projects, from prospecting and initial exploring until closing the final exploitation, need an impressive number of surveys and methods of prospecting due to legal, social-environmental, economic or purely geological requirements.



Formed from the desire to respond the market’s need and to come in the addition of the other services provided by our company, we have achieved in short time to build ourselves, like the other departments of S.C. Formin S.A. too, a solid reputation in the supply networks with water and sewerage.

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Formin SA fulfilled during time and according to the specifications the agreement of geotechnical investigations for the Project Trans-Balkan, Burgas – Alexandroupolis Oil Duct.