Formin SA is one of the most important providers  of advanced and value added services  in Romania, by a qualified personnel, contributing to the improvement of business performance of clients.

In 2012, Formin SA proudly celebrates the 60 years anniversary, being one of the few companies in this field  of activity which can boast with such a longevity. Set up in 1952 under the name of  the “Enterprise of Exploring of Caransebes”, Formin SA operated until 1990 under several names, having an activity with preponderance  in the geological investigation and  mining works.

One of the main activities of Formin SA  is the discovery of new mineral resources in Romania. Resources prospecting and  exploring has a certain degree of risk and Formin SA increases the chances of a successful development of new mining exploitations. The company focuses on discovering in an incipient stage potential mineral resources and  their exploring by attracting new strategic partners.

We are proud to present ourselves before the clients as having the complete solution for the research of the structure of the soil and of the underground resources. We are based on experience, on the quality of management, on the geologists and of the working staff who operates on the field, as well as on the modern, efficient and robust drilling equipment.